In 2000 a group of friends decided to go camp ever since then it became a tradition. Every year a group of teenagers go camp in the Summer with friends to Texas and do whatever they want without adult supervision. Along the years teenagers from all over America found out about the camp through friends. The main rule of the camp is You can't tell about the camp to anyone since it's getting too popular.

Catherine “Cat” Brown | 18 years old | Los Angeles, California | Demi Lovato | OPEN
Born and raised in Los Angeles Catherine is a really sweet girl, she gets along with everyone and everyone loves her. She doesn’t see the bad side of the people and she always tries to help others. Her family is really rich and her parents never really paid attention to her, they were always to busy to talk with her, they give her money to distract her but what she really wants is their attention. This Summer she decided to go to a camp she heard about, she wanted to try something different. She is used to go to luxury hotels and she knew that the camp was going to be a totally different experience and here she is. Cat is the type of girl who dreams about the prince charming, some of her friends used to make fun of her because she is 18 and she is still a virgin but she doesn’t care, she is waiting for the right guy. Cat heard about the little girl’s death, she doesn’t really believe in the stories that people tell and she doesn’t really care about it either, she came to the camp to have fun , not to find out about a ghost or whatever it is.

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